Cesc : “I’ll be here until you tell me enough”

Cesc Fabregas
Cesc Fabregas 100 games

Cesc contemplates one hundred and one games with Spain. He is happy and enjoys wearing the red shirt of the national team, he has confessed he is a Chelsea player and proud to walk through the center of the Spanish capital, where he received the affection of the spanish people. “It’s been 10 years. I am sure if you asked the fans about players who have reached the 100 games mark, few will remember me. There are many parties, many calls and many titles also. I feel happiness from the first day I arrived here and I am still feeling it” Cesc remembers that one hundred more games with the champion of Europe.

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The midfielder required the group, fans and mentor to all force together.

What’s your involvement with Chelsea been similar to?

A year ago was decent and we won trophies, this year there have been more questions and troubles.

What’s turned out badly?

It’s been intense. Last season was incredible aside from the Champions League, which was a disgrace. We went the entire rivalry unbeaten and still got thumped out. As yet, winning the Premier League and Capital One Cup interestingly made it a tremendous year.

This season is demonstrating a genuine ball-breaker. Things aren’t working out and the outcomes aren’t doing our exhibitions equity. We’re playing better however aren’t having any good fortune. At the point when things are going your direction, you flick the ball with your heel and it flies into the top corner, while now every piledriver is going off target. In any case, we have to return to winning ways within the near future.

Shouldn’t something be said about your association with José Mourinho?

Things with Mou are great. Clearly when you’re not winning things dependably get said, though when you’re winning everything’s blushing. When you’re not winning everything is that much harder, but rather every one of us – the players, fans and the mentor – need to pull together and hang intense. We’re the main ones who can turn things round. No one is going to give us some assistance. We’re still in a position to challenge the enormous young men in the Champions League, yet in the Premier League we have to start acting responsibly immediately


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