Cesc Fabregas says La Liga title is a “dream come true”

M_Id_378324_Cesc_FabregasCesc Fabregas has had success at every level of football. However, he believes Barcelona securing the 2012-2013 La Liga Primera Division title on Saturday is one of his greatest club achievements yet.

“I’m very pleased that we won the title,” he said on FCBarcelona.com. “It’s a dream come true for me and I’m very proud. It’s a very special moment. This is the most important title I’ve won at club level.”

“We would have suffered if we had given Madrid a chance to get back in the title race, but we won whenever they got close.”

Fabregas has scored 10 goals this season, and is pleased with his overall contribution to the club’s efforts this season. But he still feels he can improve. “I’ve participated a lot in La Liga and that pleases me, I’ve played a lot of matches,” he stated. “I have to improve, I need to be self-critical once the season ends, but I’m young and I can do it.”

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