Cesc: “End of our hegemony? We won the league by 15 points”

Cesc Fabregas did not miss the opportunity to respond to the statements of Jose Mourinho, who said that he had ended the hegemony of Barcelona in Spanish football.
In the microphones of  ‘Al primer toque’ of Onda Cero and Radio MARCA, the Catalan player responded with numbers. “How has Madrid destroyed our hegemony? We won the league by 15 points,” he said.

Cesc also talked about his situation in Barcelona and the rumors about his departure. “It’s fascinating how some people have to invent things. The thing I really want is to succeed at Barca. It has been my dream since childhood,” he said.

In this sense, asked about the beeps have ever received from the fans, the midfielder was pragmatic. “If they whistle at me, they’ll have to eat me,” he snapped.

As for the signing of Neymar for Barca, Fabregas considered it a good addition to the team. “He’s a spectacular player and is what we need,” he said.

Already in Spanish national team mode, he talked about the situation of Iker Casillas on his team in recent times. “If you can doubt Iker, then anyone can be doubted.”

In reference to the Confederations Cup, the tournament gave importance and stressed that the team can come in handy. “It’s a lovely preparation for the World Cup next year,” he said.

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