Cesc, on his way to Chelsea

Cesc the most cost-effective transfer of the last five years! Andoni Zubizarreta will finally close a handover entering a considerable amount of money and is not out of step with the price paid to sign a player. Except Touré , all outputs of the last five years have been ruinous to the Catalan club , which is endemic as expensive to buy and sell cheap.

Fabregas has already decided to leave Barcelona and Chelsea Mourinho seems their next destination. The departure of Lampard , who has decided to go to New York, leaving a gap difficult to fill and Arenys is chosen . In fact , last week the player could have passed medical examination for Stamford Bridge club . Cesc was in London and various reports suggest that Chelsea chartered a private plane to take him to the British capital on a whirlwind tour .

Anyway not be easy for the blue entity , since the demands of football are far from what they want to pay . Cesc, Barcelona win in ten million gross per season, calls for the offer that has made him Manchester United, six million per year equals clean .

However, despite this amount, the whole Manchester United seems to lose in the fight for the player . Although Louis Van Gaal wants and that the Red Devils would be willing to make a deal , the fact that next season will not contest the Champions League is an obstacle in the negotiations.

Arsenal right of first refusal
In any case , the team will want to be paid more than 36 million euros . This is the amount that settled Arsenal Cesc to recover if it decided to leave the club. Given that Fàbregas fixed cost 35 million plus another 5 variables , and which has lasted three seasons at Barcelona, ​​the selling price would be great .

However, it seems difficult to go back to Arsenal Cesc . Arsène Wenger takes his team to Cazorla and Özil , so look for a more defensive midfielder profile and does not seem likely to invest such a high amount to be recovered to a player who already sold out three seasons ago. Also been interested in Liverpool , although there seems to have too many options. The City also seems to have abandoned the bid .

London attracts Cesc
Right now, Cesc is very close to Chelsea , which offers the possibility of returning to London , a city that has a mansion and it would have the approval of your partner. Keep in mind that the children of the previous marriage Daniella Seaman live in London.

Cesc already tired of being the center of criticism from the fans and that will not recognize their good numbers. His desire to leave coincides with the thought of Luis Enrique , who does not consider it necessary and believes that its sale could help reshape the team . Cesc ‘s future will be decided in the coming days . The player’s agent , Darren Dein , has lately been making arrangements with different clubs in the Premier , conscious of having Cesc good poster .

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