“Cesc Arsenal´s doors is always open”

The departure of Cesc Fabregas to Barcelona has left a huge void that Arsenal has not yet been able to fill. The Gunners have suffered heavily from the departure of Spanish maestro, and some of his team mates have admitted that they miss him.Is the case of Jack Wilshere. The midfielder reveals in an interview with the newspaper ‘London Evening Standard’ that he still maintains in contact with his former partner and would really like that someday he would consider a return to the Emirates Stadium.

“I still talk a lot with Cesc,” recalls the ‘gunner’. “For two years, he spoke of his possible move to Barcelona, we assumed that it had to happen someday.” Cesc admitted to Wilshere that he was eager to return to Barca, the club was informed: “Especially this year, Cesc wanted to go. And when a player wants to leave… Our ‘boss’ did the right thing. He (Cesc) was very important for us, one of the best players in the past six years, “he said. “If you see him now, it’s like (Cesc) flying. It would be nice if he would come back someday. The door is always open for him, all he did for Arsenal. He  will always be a legend here, and I think all the fans would also receive him well, “he said.

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