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Casillas will continue on at Madrid

Iker Casillas will carry on at Real Madrid. Point by point. And nine months less one day is the time that has elapsed between the only two meetings between Florentino Perez and Iker Casillas to discuss the future of Real Madrid captain.

Iker Casillas
Iker Casillas

The first was in August and wanted to leave the goalkeeper. The other on Tuesday, May 27 was held. Florentino went on: “Well, you tell Iker, what do you want?”. “I have come to tell you I want to stay at Real Madrid, presi” he replied. “? And I want you to stay and I will not let you go, so I settled issue.”

The success of the BBC

The season of the BBC has brushed outstanding . The trident formed by Benzema, Christian Bale and completed the year with 97 goals , 27 of them in the Champions League. And few doubt the return on investment of almost 230 million by the three .
Cristiano Ronaldo, with 51 goals , Karim Benzema, 24 , and Gareth Bale, 22 , completed a great goalscorer year showing the harmony of the BBC. And that the Portuguese and Welsh have been injured in various stages of the season.
66% of European goals of Madrid led the signing of the BBC , a percentage which is 60% of total director of Real Madrid team this season.

The success of the BBC
The success of the BBC

The Portuguese has lowered his goalscoring this season compared to the last two seasons : 60 (11/ 12) , 55 ( 12/13) and 51 (13 /14). The Champions record with 17 goals will be history . However, the 31 league goals have earned for his third Golden Boot

Bale and Benzema, 35 assists
Benzema is not over exploit their goal , especially in the final stretch of the season, although in assists ( 16). The goal at the Bernabeu against Bayern was the most important of a campaign that has lacked some goal to be the 9 of Madrid.

And Bale has given up after all the problems he has suffered. The lack of pre-season and his physical problems have not been an obstacle to overcome twenty goals (22) and reached 19 assists.

Goles de la BBC: Total (Liga+Champions+Copa)
 Cristiano Ronaldo 51 (31+17+3)
 Karim Benzema 24 (17+5+2)
 Gareth Bale 22 (15+5+2)

Florentino: “Winning our tenth Champions league was a liberation”

Still excited from the match and the celebrations , with the same twinkle in his eye that madridista any child these days. So Florentino Pérez was two days after the conquest of the Tenth . The Madrid president visited the studio of ‘Play of the 12 ‘ by Cadena Cope , to express his happiness for the achievement achieved .
“I am very happy to have won the Tenth and to see the satisfaction of fans . It was an obsession for Real Madrid and us have taken , now let’s get the Eleventh , but not so much pressure , it has been a release for all Madridistas . This is our competition and it will continue to increase the myth and legend of Real Madrid, ” said the Real president.

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Cristiano will scream, but we could not have done without Zidane “

The midfielder Xabi Alonso said that Real Madrid ” is well managed egos ” and that although ” Madrid adopted” feels ” pride club ” because ” Madridismo captures you , you hooked ” and ” As you know Real Madrid you realize the magnitude it has. ”

” In the dressing room there is so much spectacle as it seems ( … ) there are clans , but usually have a good relationship together. Egos are managed well,” Alonso said in an interview that the program broadcast on Canal + Iñaki Gabilondo 9 June .

Alonso admits it is “not madridista crib , but adopted” , and like all his family remains a member of the Royal Society , but is proud to be part of the European champion club that believed came at the right time . Continue reading Cristiano will scream, but we could not have done without Zidane “

Ancelotti Triumphant

The other winner in Europe , apart from elections, and politicking , is Ancelotti. Already Carlo III of Europe, the most successful man in the old continent . Only Bob Paisley caught up in Liverpool. A Carlo will also distinguish two Champions as a player and three as a coach , two with the Milan and Madrid with the Tenth , and even thus Miguel Muñoz , who also added five as a player from the bench.
Something will Carlo during good season in the thick of being a white coach , unscripted and end run by the whims of the stars. Is that always hung poster , but is winning , and that’s what counts at Real Madrid, and which led to bet at another time for another winning coach .

He has achieved 84% wins in the Champions

But in the case of Ancelotti titles should always be liked by divine grace. So in many chronic or his name is , is not going to be as you have to put too bold display. In the end, it is the triumph of an enlightened that he has had a double, something not seen since 1958 at the White House
The Madrid left it to Carletto a team that had just divided , perhaps exhausted other noise generating winning coach . Florentino then decided to restore institutional Ancelotti calm. The pacifier, as it was known within the club around his signature , he wanted to break from the outset with the above. ” I do not care what happened , but what can happen,” he told them .
Ancelotti has remained steadfast and quiet lives happily in Madrid , oblivious to the controversy over its management, and even does not mind give joy to his detractors : “I’m a lucky man , but not the final ,” said Lisbon .
Carlo has tried to get along with everyone , with the club, with the press and his players . It is their way of seeing this business. So won the Cup and took the Hells Madrid Munich 0-4 for a place in the final , but the thud of the League returned again suspected .
So his sin was let go in the league and its players agree to lower their arms or they are removed from the middle in the league soon. It should not be enough to crucify him. The Tenth deserves a truce.

The best derby in 111 years

There is a final. It’s not even a great final. Maybe the historic final term will also remain small , as does the official qualifier : Champions League final . The Real Madrid- Atlético ‘s The Final, with all capital letters. The mother of all derbies . Be a point and followed , because it will, but smelling endpoint.
From Arganzuela to Hortaleza , through Lavapies or Chamberi Sunday I will fly one flag in the capital. Media City held and cry of joy and the other half will hide the sight. If the jokes of the victors to the vanquished usually last until the next derby , which happens tonight marked several generations of Madrid fans for life . 111 years in one night.
Seasons pass and both sides will win trophies , you may even rival the eternal , but it will not matter . ” Yes, yes, but we will win in Lisbon ” will be the phrase that ditch any discussion . And touch loser will head down . Lifetime . That is the importance of today’s game . For once, the glory will not be ephemeral . When relationships come into play with friends , neighbors or colleagues , no turning back. Today ends.

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