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Operation Adan


The Real Madrid is considering exercising the option to repurchase Adan, belonging to Hoffenheim striker and would return to the White House for 12 million, as provided in their contract. The white club transferred it to the German club for six million two years ago, the period for which individual sections to retrieve saved, the first 9 and the second on 12.

After his assignment this season Eintracht Frankfurt, Adan not continue in Hoffenheim, which is negotiating with several German clubs to sell to international sub 21. Those 12 million is a figure significantly higher than the numbers that could be transferred and that from the Santiago Bernabeu try lowering that figure to make it more affordable.

The Madrid thus ensure a substitute for Alvaro Morata, whose short-term future is far from the Santiago Bernabeu. Both shared the lead in Castilla amounting to Second Hand Alberto Toril, though ‘Selu’, as he was in that locker room, was the ‘9 ‘cigar while he pulled Alvaro played left wing.

Regardless of what happens with Benzema and the possible arrival of Luis Suarez, Ancelotti would have a high ram (1.92), very goalscorer (40 goals in two seasons with Castilla, 14 last season, including 9 in Bundesliga ) and eager to prove himself at the highest level.

Quoted in the Bundesliga
Many Bundesliga teams that want to get their services from Eintracht Frankfurt to Hannover itself, through Hertha, Werder Bremen and Stuttgart. In England it has always interested to West Bromwich Albion and in Spain Sevilla and Villarreal have asked for it.

But Adan return to Madrid with my eyes closed. Meet the house, have friends in that locker room (wedding was in Nacho few days ago, as well as being very close to Jesse and Carvajal) and the opportunity to play in the current European champions.

At 24, and having been trained in the Celtic (Madrid 1.5 million paid for it six years ago and let a season on loan at Vigo), could return to Madrid with the same formula that Carvajal. Yes, we should not rule out, as they did with Negredo, it can be a bargaining chip in any negotiations, this option less likely.

Ancelotti aims for Ramires or Verrati

The newspaper Marca, in its issue of Saturday, reports that Carlo Ancelotti has two new names on the table in search of the midfielder who has called for next season.

Given the doubts about the Chilean Arturo Vidal and Frenchman Paul Pogba, the Italian coach told Florentino Perez and Jose Angel Sanchez, at a recent meeting of two players who are also on your taste.

The first, Ramires, 27, Chelsea midfielder currently concentrated with his selection for the World Cup. The Brazilian was signed in 2010 by Carlo Ancelotti for Chelsea and knows him well, but Jose Mourinho has his and their inclusion does not seem simple.

The other, Marco Verratti, young Italian who was enshrined in the PSG during the reign of Carlo Ancelotti on his stool. He has always shown a penchant for technical white today, but has been recently renovated with the French team, who will not part with its principal investment in the future.

Benzema: “We can win all six titles”


About to head for Brazil, attended BRAND Benzema in the concentration of the French team in Clairefontaine. Karim is radiant. Lives of the happiest of his life sporting stages. After fulfilling the dream of winning the Madrid Tenth, prepares to meet another: a World Cup. After the disappointment of not going to South Africa, was a thorn and prepares to enjoy the Brazilian appointment. Of course, he knows that his return to Madrid expect an exciting season.
Question. The Tenth and now the World. Do you still think sometimes that is a dream?
Response. I came to Madrid to win the Tenth. I dreamed a lifetime with the Cup and I am very proud. That is not forgotten. But football is going very fast. Luckily, now is the World Cup, but we have lived always in the career of a footballer.
Q. A response is expected and the fans?
A. It is the first time such a thing alive. When it won the League in Lyon were people, but not this. It was amazing to see all those people in Cibeles at six in the morning. It was magnificent. People were eager to live a thing. They had been waiting for years and they deserve it. I am particularly happy for them. We also got along time looking for this time. There have been many years of effort. We had missed luck, but it’s here.
Q. And that was very difficult. Did he think they were at the gates for another year?
A. It was very hard, and after setting them before. It has always been so against Atlético, is a team that does not let you move, but we played well. I think what we were looking for all the time and then it deserved. We never gave up and in the end the award much sacrifice arrived.
Q. For you it was not easy. When he saw that I was leaving the field, losing his team and after playing with discomfort. What did you think?
A. I was disappointed, but thought it was time and empataríamos. On the bench I was the first fan of the team. It goes really bad when you can not help your teammates. But we never lost faith, not on the field and we support from outside.
P. Views how was it and after hearing some criticism for his party, do not you think it was a mistake to play touched?
A. There was an error playing, I would do it. Winning the Champions League is not just a game, it is something that is earned from the beginning. I was injured, Christian too, and is one of the best players in the world. When you’re not the most immediately noticeable. Was injured but it is essential that participated and helped the team. In those moments you do not think about the consequences, think about what is best for your team and I was sure that you could help.
Q. What are your goals now? Did you know that you can close a historic season?
A. I want to win everything, is what compels Madrid. Work to win the treble and want another six titles. We have the World Club Cup, the Supercopa of Spain, Europe, the League again the Champions Cup and must win it all. We can because we are a great team.
Q. Do you think that this can go closer to his other great challenge, get to win Ballon d’Or?
R. You have to keep fighting to claim the Ballon d’Or think I’ve had a great season, now is the World Cup and it is clear that all that comes if you win titles. But now is a little closer.
Q. This has been his best year in Madrid?
A. Yes, because we have also won titles.
Q. How do you feel beside two players like Bale and Cristiano Ronaldo?
A. Sometimes it is easy to play alongside him, others are more complicated. I love playing with them, they are two great players. It is a pleasure to be the BBC. This year we have been close to 100 goals. We want to pass this barrier next year. See if possible.
P. The fans of Madrid is demanding. Do you think it is especially with Benzema?
R. In Madrid have called Zidane, Ronaldo, Casillas … are demanding, they want to dial or passes it will fail, you have to work to be always full. And so you have to assume, think you should do better player because you know that in every action there to give the best of each.
P. speaks of Luis Suarez’s afraid of course if a player like him coming?
A. I sleep well, wake up as well. Everyone can come and arriving in Madrid the best. I work every day to play in Madrid. I have no special pressure so it is a great player and has had a great season, but in football you have to make several very good seasons. But it is a great player and if ever comes it will help.
Q. What has given Ancelotti Benzema?
A. Above all, trust, like Zidane, so I have big games. Also Florentino has always been there for me since the first day I met him. I have always supported, even in the bad times.
Q. Bayern’s game was the best of the season?
A. I do not know if the best, but one of the biggest around what it meant. Earn as important there was something extraordinary team.
P. The press puts him far from Madrid. That is particularly concerned or trust the will of Ancelotti and the club?
A. They can say what they want. I have a contract, I’m in Madrid and if I can stay all my life in Madrid, so I will. I came here to win titles. If it’s for me, I always stay. I do not want to go anywhere.
Q. Do you feel you have lost a great opportunity to do the treble?
A. I had on hand, but it has been a hard, long time, and many years since the Madrid arrived so far ago. But next year we’ll go for the treble. It was more mental, he thought after Bayern would win at home, but in football you have to be on top forever. I think it has been a great season in every way.

Q. And what is the key to Ancelotti Madrid?
R. Calm, especially not go crazy. We have always had things clear, we have been firmly planted in the field and after much talent on the team to make a difference.
Q. How do you see Varane? Is the end of Lisbon came in handy to gain confidence?
A. Sure. If Varane he continues, in one or two years will be the best center in the world.
Q. They say you can go to Chelsea.
A. I have not talked to him about it, but I think it will.
Q. Is it very different role with France regarding plays at Real Madrid?
R. Every game with France have to be the best. Even I have more pressure and responsibility. But I will work to be the best. I look good physically and mentally. But the head is most important. If it is not there, does not work otherwise.
Q. Are you concerned about the state of Christian, that the World may happen bill?
R. takes many years playing every game, but I wish him well, to play the World Cup and does not suffer.
Q. And your renewal?
A. I hope to reach an agreement with Real Madrid, there is no other club like this. Every year I feel better, I just think in Madrid. I’m happy here with my family. My parents always go where I go, come much to me.

The risk of Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo will be able to play the World Cup. This seems to be the unanimous conclusion within the Portuguese national team , although none of them dares to ensure that will make it safe . Has an injury that forced him to stop. The past few weeks have , though not the competition ( Champions and Golden Boot ) , or his ambition allowed him to.
Beyond its problems in the thigh and calf , fear of medical services lusos is overcharging the patellar tendon. He has already played with it, but now there is fear that these games played have approached him a break. After the exertion of Lisbon, many feared had reached that point . But is not the case for now.
Resonance images you practiced on Saturday showed a shy but insufficient improvement. The tendon is very strong and it is difficult to break. Usually occurs in only players who have played repeatedly infiltrated , as happened to the other Ronaldo. No alerts and rarely there microrroturas : if it breaks, it breaks whole . Still, sources consulted by the Portuguese selection MARK dare not rule out a small – very small – break: “It would be very difficult to diagnose . It has a muscular injury that is doing well , that requires treatment and rest , something that has not been able to do the player , “they explain .
The reality is that the hard CR7 year forced him to reach Lisbon risk of severe tendinitis in the tendon and that is what forced marches are trying to avoid . Hence the mantra repeated endlessly Paulo Bento : ” We will not jeopardize anyone’s health .”
In Portugal they have not gone down well alarmist leaks ‘from Spain ‘ on the state of Cris . They understand that those same alarms should have sounded some time, but that far to meet them , CR7 risked . It is something which comprise as logical , given the importance of what the club that pays playing . Now, reject any pressure when assessing whether Ronaldo will be fit or not to compete in Brazil.
The risk is there. Cristiano wants to play it and win it all. And everyone wants to have him : his club , that’s what you pay for, and your country. But it’s not a superman. And this is what awaits all stakeholders : in Madrid fear that they dispute it all again and break in Brazil. Or, if not break , which is forced to stop after over a longer period of time, as happened to Rafa Nadal -20 days , in case of inflammation of the patellar tendon is very little, and it would be a matter more close to three months . In Portugal pray that the care you are receiving to take effect and be your best. They have it from day 16 in friendly against Germany .
He , who ultimately decides not want to miss a World Cup in his year: his second Golden Ball and The Tenth . And in the middle , the Lusitanian patrocionadores managers and friendlies in the U.S., which are starting to be clear that Ronaldo on the field , you will see very little. Rather nothing to Brazil.
Another thing are the official versions, which says Paulo Bento, etc. . But off the record explains that if tomorrow the final of Champions , CR7 play . He is now resting , something not to do in Madrid. All you have sufriéndolo takes a while and worsened in the final in Lisbon. The trial for his recovery is underway and going well. Everyone seems confident that they will be . But at what cost ?

Real Madrid show off new kits

Real Madrid 2014-2015 Kit
Real Madrid 2014-2015 Kit

Madrid have presented the two costumes that will look for the next La Liga championship , where white is the dominant color in the first, while the fuchsia has been chosen for the second.

In this way the European champions maintains the tradition as your regular clothes are concerned. The elastic, Adidas , which carry a neck with two buttons , will also with black horizontal stripes on the sleeves and the middle vertical and pants. In addition, the fuchsia is slightly visible on the back to shoulder height on the sides , at the base of the pants and the same socks .

Greater the presence of the latter in the alternate kit . Both pants and the shirt will go in that color, monochrome breaking the adorn white stripes sleeves, pants and socks. These will also be in costume porter, dark blue.

For the coming- elected Real Madrid facade Bernabeu. There projected a ‘ mapping ‘ in which he could see some players wearing two garments. Subsequently a number of fans who gathered at the presentation moved to the official store , open until twelve o’clock exceptionally, to acquire copies.

Bale: “Next year I’m and sure i will be better”

Gareth Bale is the main attraction of the weekend in Indonesia. The Welsh footballer, who promotes the sport in the Asian country in a two-day tour , launched an optimistic message for all his followers : “I am very happy at Real Madrid and next year I’m sure better.”

Bale, author of two decisive goals in the two finals he played this season , Real Madrid expected more regularly justify the significant outlay made ​​white club in hiring .
In Jakarta , capital of Indonesia, the Madrid end also revealed his greatest wish for the season is coming : “Next season we want to retain the Champions League for the first team to get two in a row .”
Bale ‘s tour in Indonesia is carried out under the slogan “Sport is healthy and has to be practiced more.” Other renowned players like Luis Figo and Xabi Alonso were chosen as ‘ ambassadors ‘ of this campaign by the Indonesian authorities .