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The Real Madrid and Bayern already negotiated by Kroos

Toni Kroos
Toni Kroos

The Real Madrid and Bayern already negotiated the transfer of Toni Kroos the white club, as reported Marca Monday. The signing of German midfielder, who left him only a one year contract with the Bavarian entity will be around 25-30 million euros.
The agreement between Real Madrid and Kroos is total. The midfielder, 24, who contesting the World Cup in Brazil is for Germany, signed for five seasons, until June 30, 2019, and receive five million Euros per each.

Xabi retires from international football

Xabi Alonso goes. He has decided to leave the team after the World Cup and will never wear the shirt of Spain. The decision was taken a long time, so what happened in Brazil, Sports and extradeportivamente, has nothing to do with his determination. The Tolosa knew his career with La Roja ended in the summer of 2014.
At 32 years old (turns 33 in November), it will put an end to his international career after participating in three World Cups, two European Championships and Confederations Cup, having lifted the World Cup and two in Europe, being fixture in two of the latest titles. Waiting for you to leave on Monday Curitiba, Basque sum 113 games, with 16 goals and a balance of 88 wins, 12 draws and 13 defeats.
The player in the middle of negotiations with Real Madrid to renew his contract (extended to 2016 in January this year), already reached the compromise that would not play with the team after the World Cup. Xabi has suffered physical problems in the past two seasons and not wearing plus size selection will allow you to rest on FIFA dates and not accumulate as many minutes during the season.
The contract with his club did not appear outlined a commitment, but Xabi is a man of his word. By the Madrid, wanted to know the thinking of Alonso to renew to 34 years, which will end when your commitment to your club. For Ancelotti will be relieved that their teacher rest of matches and travel and not get saturated or affected by the virus encounters after FIFA selections.

Luis Suarez passes his examination to sign for Real Madrid

“Signing after the World Cup. No rush because we have to do many things,” said Carlo Ancelotti before going on vacation. The Italian coach made it clear that the World Cup would be key in deciding the backup. The Pogba, Vidal, Kroos, Verrati would be regarded with magnifier in Brazil. Also Luis Suarez, who is in the galactic white agenda to form a dream attack: with Cristiano Ronaldo, Gareth Bale and Karim Benzema.
Uruguayan striker passes an examination in the World. No doubt its quality white club, but the 94 million euros would have to pay Real Madrid 75 million pounds these is agreed with Liverpool when renewed, require a thorough analysis clause. Especially considering that the Uruguayan you leave a delicate knee surgery that could leave you without World. Continue reading Luis Suarez passes his examination to sign for Real Madrid

Barcelona Transfers: Higuain is the alternative to Kun Agüero

Gonzalo Higuaín is rising day by day in the signing of striker bag looking for Barça. As previously reported MD, the former Real Madrid striker is not the first choice, and that this role is for Sergio Aguero. But the situation of the market Kun makes it a nearly impossible goal, which does not happen with the current player Naples.
Signing Higuain not be easy, but since then its position does not arise under the terms of the Kun, and not by Kun, who would be happy with the idea of ​​playing from the next season at the club next to his close friend Leo Messi.
The big problem is Manchester City, who considers his Argentine striker as the third player in the world, behind only Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. Hence, not arising in any way sell. His approach is as follows: if Gareth Bale will cost Real Madrid € 100 million a year ago, the price of Kun can never be below that figure if they wanted through it.

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Arsenal want Iker Casillas

Wenger still hopes to convince Casillas for fiche for Arsenal before the end of the World. The gunner goal remains a chronic problem for the Frenchman. Currently just in the Polish Szczensny template (24), which though has never finished holder to convince at the Emirates Stadium, after Fabianski has gone to Swansea and Emiliano Viviano to Palermo after regresase assignment unnoticed. Arsenal Casillas dreams to achieve stability loss in goal for several seasons.

Already expressed interest at the beginning of the current season, Ancelotti when they made known his decision to rotate in goal. Iker has played 24 games this season (13 in Champions, nine and two League Cup). In December was not enough for mostoleño goal and pondered his move to the Premier, the only destination that draws attention to him if out of Real Madrid. But after winning the Tenth your perspective is different. He does not want to move, but Wenger has a few allies to try to change their opinion. Santi Cazorla, close friend, and Mesut Ozil, former teammate with keeping a good relationship. The difficulty of the operation is that the captain of Real Madrid subtracted three-year contract and his buyout clause is 180 million euros. Arsenal never pay a high transfer to ensure a good contract to Casillas, who represent the last of his career.

Iker signed a renewal with Ramón Calderón in 2008. Decreasing Enter record as the seasons progress. This year it took 8.5 million euros gross. The next (2014-15) collect eight million. The following (2015-16), 7.5. And the last (2016-17), seven. This is the workhorse that Wenger will try to convince Casillas. A bid by British point, dizzying sources and could not always refuse when the captain and Real Madrid agreed upon a low-cost output of the white club. That’s where the Real Madrid Casillas and should reach an agreement, the real key to the operation. Moreover, in the offices of the Bernabéu, Napoli has asked Diego Lopez. His agent said: “Your intention is to continue in Madrid.” Obviously, the decision to Iker influence the future of Diego …

Mou streak to go to Arsenal Cech

London club’s strategy is to undertake one last attempt before going to Iker other goalkeepers as Willy Caballero (Málaga), Lloris (Tottenahm) or Ruffier (Saint Etienne) once Mourinho has vetoed the transfer of Arsenal Cech. Wenger sees Casillas with sporting future. Without going any further, the controversial repescó Lehmann 41 years old in 2011 when he stopped to trust and Szczesny Almunia. Wenger faces his 19th season with Arsenal. Three Premiers five FA Cups and four Community Shield on his resume. Their last league championship dating back to 2004.’s Why you want a doorman warranties and do not miss it …