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Neymar stops rumours by agreeing to stay in Brazil until 2014

neymarSantos president Luis Álvaro de Oliveira assured that he has Neymar’s word that he plans to remain in Brazil 2014, when Brazil will be hosting the next World Cup.

“Neymar has said that he desires to remain here, at least until 2014. May I tell you that Neymar, like his dad, is a man of his word? And he’s provided me his word that he will stay at Santos until 2014”, he stated. Continue reading Neymar stops rumours by agreeing to stay in Brazil until 2014

Deportivo La Coruna back where they belong.

There have been many instances through out European football where a former championship winning side has seen themselves in the embarrassing position of being relegated. Think of teams like Blackburn Rovers in England, Nantes and AS Monaco in France or even Juventus in Italy (although the club was thrown into Serie B rather then being relegated). Spanish side Deportivo La Coruna are another name to add to the list. Winners of La Liga 2001 and then relegated in 2012. The Galician club is now is a good position for an instant return to La Liga.

Deportivo‘s relegation was a dramatic fall from grace for a side that had performed so well through out the early part of the 2000’s. They had managed to finish in the top three of the league for five consecutive seasons (from 1999/00 to 2003/04). In that time they won the title in 1999/00, the first championship in the clubs history. In 2002 they also won the Copa del Rey. The club had a wealth of talented players: Naybet, Djalminha, Carlos Valeron, Roy Maakay, Diego Tristan, Fran, Mauro Silva and Capdevilla to name just a few. This was a group of players where none would fall into the super star category of footballers. But all were all highly respected, talented international players.

The club was also a regular participant in the Champions League. They made the semi-final in 2004, losing to Jose Mourinho’s Porto. They were also involved in some impressive matches throughout their participation. Defeating Manchester United at Old Trafford 3-2 in the group stage of the 2001/02 season and also in 2004 overcoming Milan 4-0 at home in the quarter finals after losing the first leg 4-1 in the San Siro. They also defeated Bayern Munich home and away in the group stage of the 2002/03 season. Roy Maakay (who would go on to play for Bayern Munich) scoring a hat-rick in Munich. Continue reading Deportivo La Coruna back where they belong.