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The best derby in 111 years

There is a final. It’s not even a great final. Maybe the historic final term will also remain small , as does the official qualifier : Champions League final . The Real Madrid- Atlético ‘s The Final, with all capital letters. The mother of all derbies . Be a point and followed , because it will, but smelling endpoint.
From Arganzuela to Hortaleza , through Lavapies or Chamberi Sunday I will fly one flag in the capital. Media City held and cry of joy and the other half will hide the sight. If the jokes of the victors to the vanquished usually last until the next derby , which happens tonight marked several generations of Madrid fans for life . 111 years in one night.
Seasons pass and both sides will win trophies , you may even rival the eternal , but it will not matter . ” Yes, yes, but we will win in Lisbon ” will be the phrase that ditch any discussion . And touch loser will head down . Lifetime . That is the importance of today’s game . For once, the glory will not be ephemeral . When relationships come into play with friends , neighbors or colleagues , no turning back. Today ends.

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Diego Costa is back in action 48 hours before the final

Arda Turan and Diego Costa rejoined Thursday to training with the group , normally played ball and did the exercises with their colleagues at the meeting this afternoon in Los Angeles de San Rafael .

So it was observed in the first 15 minutes open to media training , the only provisions of the concentration of two days in Segovia saw before you move and tomorrow to Lisbon , the venue of the final of the League League against Real Madrid at the stadium of Light.

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The roads from Madrid are going to be jam packed today!

The traffic from Madrid
The traffic from Madrid

Everything is ready for some 70,000 fans of Real Madrid and Atletico 120,000 according to the Portuguese authorities – invade the capital of the neighboring country.
On the occasion of such an exodus has deployed a special operation to control the thousands of fans , not only during their stay in Lisbon, but also along the way. It’s about caring to the smallest detail of a historic shift .
Special care should be taken when traveling by road. The Directorate General of Traffic ( DGT) expected to carry about 15,000 vehicles between now and tomorrow the journey between Madrid and Lisbon. The proximity of cities means that, on this occasion, the A-5 will become the epicenter of the mass exodus. Nevertheless , dozens of trains and planes ( 135 flights are planned ) will complete the invasion.

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Diego Costa is back in training!

Diego Costa returned to Madrid yesterday , so her trip to Belgrade lasted just one day. The Spanish-Brazilian landed at Barajas late in the afternoon. Appeared in executive airport terminal accompanied by Oscar Pitillas , boiler template Atlético .
With BRAND sole witness , climbed into a van and headed directly to the Cemtro clinic to undergo an MRI in which could see the effects of lightning treatment to which he was subjected in the Serbian capital by Marijana Kovacevic , also known as the Miracle Doctor.

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A Champions league final up in the air

Only 4 days of the Lisbon final questions are in the air . And not a few . Many of those called to be protagonists lie between cottons. Will it come about Cristiano ? Is disposable entirely the presence of Diego Costa ? Will play ? Arda ? And Benzema and Pepe? . There are very unclear. Only Xabi Alonso will miss his second Champions League final which saw the yellow in Munich .
Diego Costa expects a miracle. Simeone does not want to rule and will wait until the last minute . He deserves it and Atletico needs you. His muscular injury grade I hamstring (no break) him away from the final. El Cholo is the first to know that you would miss a lot, but the Argentine has to look for alternatives. With Villa as the first sword, Adrián García and Raúl played point to the site of Costa . His shadow will elongate . It is also not ruled out that the Cholo put Mario with Gabi and Tiago to put more stones on the road to Madrid Tenth .
Instead, Arda has all the ballots. Simeone will wait and it looks like it will play smoothly . Same with Christian. You can not miss ‘their’ end. He has acknowledged that it’s okay , “I have a good feeling , but I’m still not one hundred percent .” CR will play. He is following a specific plan to speak at Da Luz and Thursday will join the group in training before the trip to Portugal.

Diego Costa will risk

Diego Costa hasten all options not to miss the final of the Champions League final to be held in Lisbon on Saturday and if there is a minimal chance of being on the field with his teammates , the Brazilian will be Hispanic .

Diego Costa
Diego Costa

The Atletico Madrid traveled to Belgrade for treatment of biceps femoris microrrotura with doctoria Kovacevik Marijana , who has treated other players like Van Persie and Lampard and has the nickname ‘ Doctor Miracle ‘ .
In order to shorten recovery uses horse placenta treatment and electric shocks , which has been successful on several occasions.

Accompanied by Oscar Pitillas on his trip to the Serbian capital , Diego Costa has no doubt noted that if doctors give option will risk to play the final of the Champions League .