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Atletico player make the Spanish selection

Atletico Selection
Atletico Selection

Atletico is back. His latest hits so but indicated that the Spanish team was missing its huge eco achievements made ​​. However, Del Bosque has taken note of the path of a model team and has decided to take four colchoneros the World Cup Brazil .
A poker and white ( Juanfran , Koke , Diego Costa and Villa) surpassed only seven summoned Barcelona and Real Madrid trumps the second nursery as Red , for this time will be only three footballers Chamartín club present at the meeting South American .

The finding is significant because Atletico had until now a token presence in the golden age of our choice . There was no one in Euro 2008 and also the 2010 World Cup, while in the last European Championship itself was Juanfran , although he did not play a single minute.
In fact, for 18 years that there were four red and whites with the Spanish team in a major competition . It was at Euro 1996, contested by Molina , Juanma Lopez, Caminero and Kiko .
Two years later at the World Cup in France , Kiko repeat , although Aguilera sole companion.
The dramatic decline in 2000 did not prevent Camacho convene Molina and Valeron for Euro Belgium and the Netherlands , although in 2002 , and with Atletico as newly promoted , Murcia technical dispensed with the mattress for the appointment of Japan and Korea South .
In 2004, at the European Championship in Portugal , Fernando Torres debut with La Roja in a major competition and two years later repeated in the World in the company of Pablo Ibanez and Antonio Lopez.

Barça willing to pay 60 kilos by Koke


In the Camp Nou know they have to carry out a reconstruction process and have marked a name in red. The Koke , Atletico and considered one of the jewels of the League, one of the stars of the future. ? Actually, this . It would, I understand the club, the perfect respite for man ? Xavi , who has guided Barca best game in history in recent decades .
Interest in the Atletico player goes further. Barcelona would be willing even to pay 60 million euros set out in clause. A genuine outrage that would make the most expensive player in Spanish history, surpassing the 58 kilos you paid ? Chelsea to ? Liverpool for Fernando ? Torres.
In fact , the Catalans have already contacted leaders ? Athletic club to let the firm intention of signing Koke . His will , ultimately, be the Atletico squad this summer.
The answer to that found in the Manzanares has been clear. ? Koke is not sold, if anyone wants their services will pay 60 million – plus tax – contained in the latest renewal of the Madrid footballer .

Gil Marín: “We don’t want or need to sell any players”

The CEO of Atletico Madrid, Miguel Angel Gil Marin says that the club does not need to sell or joining ” any relevant player ” after an “unforgettable season” and set in Spain Super Cup against Real Madrid, the first goal of the next campaign.
” Our organization does not need to sell to any member of the first team to balance its income statement. Understand the interest from other teams for our players, as it is normal for the season they have done does not go unnoticed for the most powerful soccer clubs world . further understand that the players who have been instrumental in this great campaign want to improve and are willing to improve their conditions within the possibilities of the club, but who do not wish to follow us we can only refer you to the termination clause ” Gil Marin says the club ‘s official website .

CEO anticipates that they will not negotiate the departure of important players. “Do not want or need to sell to any relevant player who make up our workforce. Whoever wants to leave Atletico must do so against Atletico .”
“We’ve worked these seasons make a solid block that provide continuity and a large portion of our investment has been earmarked for this purpose . Has undertaken the renovation of which were considered key parts of the campus in order to make them feel recognized . the entity I think we’ve got a good block to each season have been adding new pieces competitiveness enhancing template and that’s our idea for the next campaign . maintain the block and improve internal competition, ” added .
Regarding the recently concluded season , said: ” All athletic we should be extremely proud of what it has achieved the team we have won the league title against the two most powerful teams in the world , we have reached the final of the League. Champions , we were semi-finalists of the Copa del Rey. it’s an unforgettable season. ”
” Simeone ,” he said , “has managed to convince everyone that his philosophy could overcome any challenge. Entire group has internalized the message from game to game , you have to play every game as if it were a final and the results have proved him right . the group is above the individuals and has been shown . humility and hard work have been instrumental in getting the league. ”
To Gil Marín, ” any athlete would have signed in August a season like this. Should be taking it as a challenge. Still have goals ahead and this should be one of them. Sure this group hard fight again another final Champions to conquer . ”
Regarding next season, announced : ” The league title gives us the ability to fight at the start of the season with a new trophy , the Supercopa of Spain , and that will be the first challenge of the campaign.”
” Later ,” he said , “the team will follow the philosophy that has instilled Simeone to face the game tournaments game without thinking further. Since the club have always maintained that the goal should be to settle in the Champions League because that will allow us to grow in every sense. in the last six years have achieved great stability , playing nine finals and achieving six titles . ‘s how we can keep building a bigger Athletic ” .


Siqueira is the alternative to Filipe Luis

Guilherme Siqueira is 1 Atletico goal to strengthen the left side if, as appears , Luis Filipe takes the mat for London , namely Chelsea , club willing to do anything to win the Brazilian Atletico . Even , if necessary , put 24 million euros marking its clause .
At Vicente Calderon offices are aware of the interest of Chelsea and also the will of the player for a new adventure . Hence already probing the market to find a replacement for their level. It will be difficult , mind you , because few players can deliver the performance that gave Atletico Filipe past two seasons. Continue reading Siqueira is the alternative to Filipe Luis

Soldado on his way to Atletico

The club are reaching many deals by players who have won the League , it is true , but the team of Jose Luis Perez Caminero works for , before knowing the outputs that can be produced , have provided the parts .

Reberto Soldado
Reberto Soldado

One position is to strengthen the center forward. With Villa to stay closer to pack and Diego Costa meditating continuity , several names that are on the table . The first, which has the advantage now is Roberto Soldado. Continue reading Soldado on his way to Atletico

Torres: ” Diego Costa? I like the competion”

Fernando Torres arrived eager to concentration of the selection. The Chelsea player , who claims to be in a good time , wants to fight to stay in the final list for the World Cup.

Fernando Torres
Fernando Torres

“It’s very nice to go to the selection. Was a year that did not come with Red from the Confederations Cup. ‘m Going to fight to be in the final list ,” said the Spaniard on arrival. Continue reading Torres: ” Diego Costa? I like the competion”