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Arsenal want Iker Casillas

Wenger still hopes to convince Casillas for fiche for Arsenal before the end of the World. The gunner goal remains a chronic problem for the Frenchman. Currently just in the Polish Szczensny template (24), which though has never finished holder to convince at the Emirates Stadium, after Fabianski has gone to Swansea and Emiliano Viviano to Palermo after regresase assignment unnoticed. Arsenal Casillas dreams to achieve stability loss in goal for several seasons.

Already expressed interest at the beginning of the current season, Ancelotti when they made known his decision to rotate in goal. Iker has played 24 games this season (13 in Champions, nine and two League Cup). In December was not enough for mostoleño goal and pondered his move to the Premier, the only destination that draws attention to him if out of Real Madrid. But after winning the Tenth your perspective is different. He does not want to move, but Wenger has a few allies to try to change their opinion. Santi Cazorla, close friend, and Mesut Ozil, former teammate with keeping a good relationship. The difficulty of the operation is that the captain of Real Madrid subtracted three-year contract and his buyout clause is 180 million euros. Arsenal never pay a high transfer to ensure a good contract to Casillas, who represent the last of his career.

Iker signed a renewal with Ramón Calderón in 2008. Decreasing Enter record as the seasons progress. This year it took 8.5 million euros gross. The next (2014-15) collect eight million. The following (2015-16), 7.5. And the last (2016-17), seven. This is the workhorse that Wenger will try to convince Casillas. A bid by British point, dizzying sources and could not always refuse when the captain and Real Madrid agreed upon a low-cost output of the white club. That’s where the Real Madrid Casillas and should reach an agreement, the real key to the operation. Moreover, in the offices of the Bernabéu, Napoli has asked Diego Lopez. His agent said: “Your intention is to continue in Madrid.” Obviously, the decision to Iker influence the future of Diego …

Mou streak to go to Arsenal Cech

London club’s strategy is to undertake one last attempt before going to Iker other goalkeepers as Willy Caballero (Málaga), Lloris (Tottenahm) or Ruffier (Saint Etienne) once Mourinho has vetoed the transfer of Arsenal Cech. Wenger sees Casillas with sporting future. Without going any further, the controversial repescó Lehmann 41 years old in 2011 when he stopped to trust and Szczesny Almunia. Wenger faces his 19th season with Arsenal. Three Premiers five FA Cups and four Community Shield on his resume. Their last league championship dating back to 2004.’s Why you want a doorman warranties and do not miss it …

Arsenal offer 30 million for Higuaín

Real Madrid will not undersell Gonzalo Higuaín. As the days pass, in the offices of the Bernabéu receive emails from clubs interested in the price of Argentine striker. This week has been the Arsenal which has shown an increased interest in the striker.

The English club is willing to go up to 30 million euros. That is 8 million more than what has offered Juventus. Payment terms are also better. The Arsenal would be willing to pay the amount in a single go, while the Italians say up to almost five times. Continue reading Arsenal offer 30 million for Higuaín