Bielsa has been missing since he got angery by the works of Lezama

Marcelo BielsaMarcelo Bielsa has been missing three days without appearing in Lezama, missing in action and not wanting anything to do with what happens in the facilities of the Athletic Bilbao, it was only last Monday, the starting day of the new working season. Rosario the coach then had a serious confrontation with those responsible for the remodeling work that are flooding the Athletic system, sponsored and required by the coach himself, because what he considered a delay in completing them.

Loss of papers
The episode certainly was unpleasant, it ended with a rather unfortunate outburst of Bielsa, according to an eyewitnesses recount, lost clearly the positions and nerves to one of the leaders of the club, accusing him of not meeting deadlines that no one but he had been established at their own risk, and questioning his professionalism and good work, which dismissed his charge of the company said Bilbao, who withdrew in protest Lezama workers for 24 hours.

After that unfortunate event, which occurred on Monday at midday, Bielsa gave Lezama training facilities and since then he has not set foot in them. No one is responsible for the club, nor President Urrutia and sporting director Jose Mari Amorrortu, which are the only partners, has managed to calm his uncontrollable anger and make ​​him come around.

Thus, even some see in that Bielsa aptitude is demonstration that might even be considering its continuity Athletic.

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