Benzema: Mou is a great coach

Karim Benzema talked with in the lobby of the Sheraton Hotel in Porto Alegre, after one of the toughest seasons of his career. No title, fewer goals and more criticism. Nevertheless, the Frenchman is trying to see the glass half full and look with optimism to the future. Karim analyzes the current situation of Real Madrid with the same serenity with which he plays. Nothing seems to move him. Not even Mourinho’s farewell. Benzema is only concerned about the game, what makes him happy.

Q: What message can you give to the fans after a season like this?
A: Continue to support us forever and that we will fight next season to win the most titles and the Champions League, of course.

Q: How do you rate your season on a personal level?
A: Well, well … Playing with Real Madrid makes me very happy, I love to wear this shirt and in that sense I have to say I’m happy. As a scorer my season has not been like the last, it is true. A year ago I ended up with 30 goals and this year I’ve had 20, but nothing happened. I will continue working hard to try to make things right.

Q: Mourinho is no longer the coach of Real Madrid. How do you feel about his tenure?
A: He is a great coach and now his history with Real Madrid is over. Nothing more.

Q: What memories do you have left of him?
A: The league title and cup we won, mainly that.

Q: And now Ancelotti is coming.
A: I don’t know if it will be Ancelotti, we will see. I’m sure that a great manager is coming to Real Madrid and it will be good for everyone. Let’s wait and see what happens, now I can not talk about this. We must keep calm and as of now I can not validate which coach may come.

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