Bartomeu: “We will not sell our stars”

The Barcelona president Josep Maria Bartomeu , analyzed the current situation of Barcelona in ‘Al Primer Toque ‘ Onda Cero. ” New faces and hope you look for the amateur ,” said Barca coach.

Out: ” As everyone knows everyone has known us very badly Valdes have decided go sign a second goalkeeper , shuffled several names. ” .

Transfers : “We prefer to act with discretion will sell or not depends , Barcelona do not want to sell but if a player wants to go we’ll talk . ” .

Central : ” I’m not saying Marquinhos is central , there are talks with several players and some will come.”

Elections: “I understand that there are people who think elections should be done in 2010 but the project is still alive .”

Excited : “This year’s objectives but we have not gotten the illusion continues .”

Zubizarreta : “I trust a lot in Zubizarreta, has done a magnificent job , I would tell people that he criticizes is not the only record .”

Martino : “With Tata arrived at a mutual agreement was a mature decision , I appreciate your willingness Tata told us there was nothing that we searched for another technician. ” .

League: ” We look forward to this league , maybe the connection , disconnection, takes its toll .”

Luis Enrique : “When Luis Enrique went we said , this will be a goodbye.”

Vilanova : “This year ‘s been a lot of things never seen in our club, the worst has been about Tito , has been very hard.”

Cracks : ” Our team has cracks , we have so many great players that want half the world, we will not sell.”

Transfers : ” In 91 days can pass many things and will surely Each year there are major changes and certainly one or some will see. ” .

Real Madrid : “If Barcelona technicians who like a Madrid player may pass , but now I see it going in other directions .”

Wicketkeeper : ” The only goalie wanted was Ter Stegen , we look at him and two years ago.”

Alves : “When Alves ficho people said it was very expensive and now you realize it was spectacular.”

Cesc : ” It’s normal for everyone to notice Fabregas , Barcelona does not want to sell.”

Messi: . ” Leo had a long injury and this break a player like him who does not usually injure affects you hope Leo arrives and make a great world , want it to be very good.”

Arda : ” The club is not being set in Turan .”

Koke : “It’s a spectacular player that any team would want to secure .”

Mascherano : “It is a key player in the locker room and on the field.”

Changes ” . Renewal of club that is meant is deep The club has the financial means to carry out is profound renewal ” .

Xavi: ” You have two years down the road , technicians think of it for the future if he wants to stay Xavi next year will be in Barcelona. ” .

Martino : ” The Tata told us he was very glad to Barcelona.”

Neymar : ” . Has done what was intended him to do must be between 5 or 6 best in the world and will go up .”

Messi : “Neither puts players or coaches.”

Guardiola: ” Guardiola is still a great coach , I know you are very happy with him at Bayern .”

Champions League: “Congratulations to Real Madrid, made ​​a great Champions . ” We are excited by the Real Madrid because we have won the Tenth that had long been looking for. ”

Game: ” Luis Enrique is very clear that the gameplay has Barça” .

Kun ” Aguero is a player of the City, he and many players sell shirts .”

Rakitic : ” He has a contract with his club , can not say that technical you want but it is a great player .”

Hobby: ” The fans have to cheer for this team, this season has not been good but the previous ones were fantastic .”

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