Barcelona Transfers: Higuain is the alternative to Kun Agüero

Gonzalo Higuaín is rising day by day in the signing of striker bag looking for Barça. As previously reported MD, the former Real Madrid striker is not the first choice, and that this role is for Sergio Aguero. But the situation of the market Kun makes it a nearly impossible goal, which does not happen with the current player Naples.
Signing Higuain not be easy, but since then its position does not arise under the terms of the Kun, and not by Kun, who would be happy with the idea of ​​playing from the next season at the club next to his close friend Leo Messi.
The big problem is Manchester City, who considers his Argentine striker as the third player in the world, behind only Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. Hence, not arising in any way sell. His approach is as follows: if Gareth Bale will cost Real Madrid € 100 million a year ago, the price of Kun can never be below that figure if they wanted through it.

The only way to hope Barca seems, today, improbable: the Kun force the machine to leave the club ‘citizen’ invoking, for example, the ‘transfer request’, the exclusive diplomatic Premier, for example, allowed Xabi Alonso signing for Madrid. Kun, an idol at the Etihad Stadium, is not in this prewar stage.
Under the circumstances, the club works to have your back covered and that’s where the name comes from Higuaín. Pierced year by Real Madrid to Naples in exchange for 38 million euros, its output would be difficult but not impossible. The market is as it is and if you want a first class looks forward preparing the order of 40 million; or more.
Higuain is under contract until 2018, an annual record of around 4.5 million and net after scoring 24 goals, consideration of Star San Paolo. But elBarça is the club, especially when you’re out of Real Madrid feeling undervalued.
Thus, Higuain is the alternative that handle Barca technicians. It combines a rare find, youth and experience at the highest level. With 26 years, his seven seasons at Real Madrid are a perfect landing on a computer identical endorsement requirement, as Barca. Higuaín has learned to live with the pressure. Without the full support of the club, left 121 goals.
Messi Attunement
For your soccer features, it is understood that reasonably fit naturally into a front in which everything will revolve around Leo Messi, with the invaluable help of a Neymar faced by the year of his consecration hurdle. And here comes another point in favor of playing Higuain.
His footballing tune with Messi for Argentina is obvious to anyone who has seen them play together in the Albiceleste. ‘The Pipit’ has taken advantage of the slightly backward position of Leo in Argentina to mark much of his 22 points.
The new Barca coach, Luis Enrique, wants a mobile front, not a fixed reference. So I Higuaín eye.

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