Barca’s players to divide €1 million if they reach 100

Sandro RosellBarcelona are on the cusp of achieving a feat that has only been captured by their rival club, Real Madrid. One would think the thought of reaching a total of 100 league points, in addition to winning it would be enough motivation for players to finish off the season right.

It appears club president Sandro Rosell has upped the stakes by offering his players a €1 million incentive to get the job done. The la liga players have already divided €20 million after winning the league, and this latest offer appears to to be icing on the cake.

The players, however, are keeping mum about these latest developments, with forward Alexis Sanchez playing dumb when asked about the reward. “A million euros? Well I have had no information about it. I had no idea,” he said.

The Blaugrana are only one win away from reaching their goal, after doubling up  a disgruntled Espanyol club on Sunday at Cornellá-El Prat. Their last match comes at home against Málaga on Saturday.

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