Barca consulted Messi on signing Neymar

Sandro Rosell was fully aware that the signing of Neymar was a high-risk operation for two reasons. First, the high cost of the transfer, which was increasing every day before the interest of other big clubs, and also by the reaction that Messi could have in the presence of a competitor on the pitch.

The club has long assumed that economic investment was going to be very strong and wanted to know what he thought about the arrival of Neymar. After some friction with other strikers, Rosell was not willing that their history began on the wrong foot.

There was no place for it. Messi’s response was very positive and encouraged the club to hire the Brazilian. Leo is aware that both he and the team need another player who can score more goals. Not all the responsibility should lie with Messi.

This season as a whole has lacked one second scorer. Pedro, Villa and Alexis have not been up to par and the team has suffered. With Neymar this must change and Leo fully approved. He did not object one bit.

And the club did the same in reverse. They sat down to talk to Neymar and explained that the boss on this team is still Leo and he can not argue that. At least, not for now. Neymar made no objection. And the proof of this are the statements he has been giving which insists that the Argentine is the best.

“I came to help Leo remain the best player in the world.” With these words he went to his new fans the day he sealed his signing for Barcelona. It was not a casual phrase. Everything was thought of, like the beginning of his speech in Catalan.

The cast of millions
For a long time many will continue talking about the price of the signing of Neymar and how much money each party was due. Yesterday, the Folha de Sao Paulo reported Los Santos received 17 million for the transaction. If it were true, there would be 40 million to distribute among DIS, Teisa and the player’s father.

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