Atletico player make the Spanish selection

Atletico Selection
Atletico Selection

Atletico is back. His latest hits so but indicated that the Spanish team was missing its huge eco achievements made ​​. However, Del Bosque has taken note of the path of a model team and has decided to take four colchoneros the World Cup Brazil .
A poker and white ( Juanfran , Koke , Diego Costa and Villa) surpassed only seven summoned Barcelona and Real Madrid trumps the second nursery as Red , for this time will be only three footballers Chamartín club present at the meeting South American .

The finding is significant because Atletico had until now a token presence in the golden age of our choice . There was no one in Euro 2008 and also the 2010 World Cup, while in the last European Championship itself was Juanfran , although he did not play a single minute.
In fact, for 18 years that there were four red and whites with the Spanish team in a major competition . It was at Euro 1996, contested by Molina , Juanma Lopez, Caminero and Kiko .
Two years later at the World Cup in France , Kiko repeat , although Aguilera sole companion.
The dramatic decline in 2000 did not prevent Camacho convene Molina and Valeron for Euro Belgium and the Netherlands , although in 2002 , and with Atletico as newly promoted , Murcia technical dispensed with the mattress for the appointment of Japan and Korea South .
In 2004, at the European Championship in Portugal , Fernando Torres debut with La Roja in a major competition and two years later repeated in the World in the company of Pablo Ibanez and Antonio Lopez.

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