Atletico already has an agreement with Diego and Toulalan

Atletico is steadily moving along. Slowly but surely they are putting together a team for 2013-2014, which could amount to the highest level of football players in team history. There will be much greater expectations for the team, but they should be able to rise to the occasion. To do this, at the offices of Calderon strive to close in on reinforcements by requesting Simeone. Already official are the signings of Gimenez, the promising Uruguayan central midfielder and Baptistão, the striker whose latest campaign has delighted fans at the Rayo Vallecano. Diego and Toulalan could be next. At least, negotiations at the bank of the Manzanares are indicating as such.

Both cases are similar. Atleti entity has reached a full agreement with the players, while still left to reach relevant agreement with the clubs, with Wolfsburg for the Brazilian and Malaga for the Frenchman. The idea, of course, is that the transfers for both players be as affordable as possible.

In any case, the first step with either one or the other needs to happen, which, at least in regard to Diego, it appeared clear he would be signed for several months now. The playmaker realized he may have to take some kind of paycut to return to the Calderon, but there wasn’t much agreement over how much. Finally both parties reached an agreement that Diego would be located in the highest salary of the team, but far from what he earns now at Wolfsburg.

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