Arbeloa: “I have good relationship with Iker, we’re like good friends”

Alvaro Arbeloa spoke at a press conference in New York and stated that his relationship with Iker Casillas “is good, we’re great partners. We carry both shields on our chest, that of Madrid and the team,” he said.

He has clarified that “it’s the same as before. In those statements I did not talk about Iker. Not even indirectly. There are no misunderstandings”.

About the favoritism of Spain, the Madrid player believes that “it is very difficult to get to the top and stay even more, there is much motivation to win and that makes it more difficult, but our motivation is also higher.”

Playing left back with Cesar Azpilicueta, Arbeloa said they are both “similar defenders, sticky, and some of the best. He has always played both, is perhaps best at back, I started as a central and I finally finished as a back “.

Asked about the absence of Xabi Alonso, his teammate admitted that he misses him “because he’s my friend, but this team has many players to supply whoever, he’s a great player with over 100 games, but when there is a group so good, you can not miss anyone. ”

As for Uruguay, first official goal in the Confederations Cup, the left back is considered to rival that well known. “When we played them in Qatar beat us because they are very good and they have top quality players, widely known as Luis Suarez and Cavani”.

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