Alvaro Arbeloa says ‘immature players’ let Jose Mourinho down

Lately there haven’t been many people, fans or players, who have been in support of Jose Mourinho when it comes to all madridistas. But recently, Spanish Real Madrid defender Alvaro Arbeloa did just that.

“Mourinho gave everything. He always put the club first and sometimes his image was affected by that. I am not sure everyone else, players included, can say the same.” Shortly after the match with Osasuna he also commented: “A lot of us [players] were worried we might look bad in the media. We worried about having a good public image and we always spoke for our own benefit.

“There is a good group of players here and we all have a good relationship but perhaps we lacked maturity at times. This coach has won wherever he has gone and it is strange that here, where he had the best squad he has ever had, is where he has won the least.”

The comments come in stark contrast to much of the press Mourinho has received, especially in light of his last match, where he claims the top-flight players who didn’t play in the match were either injured or declared themselves injured, including Iker Casillas, Ronaldo, and Pepe. Real Madrid still won the match, but it was a bitter ending for the Portuguese coach at the Bernabeu.

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