Alonso tells Chelsea that Barcelona are NOT invincible

The Real Madrid and ex Liverpool Xabi Alonso last night told Chelsea that they have nothing to worry about and that can beat Lionel Messi and Barcelona.

Roberto Di Matteo’s side take a very small lead into the second leg of their ­Champions League semi-final and the Camp Nou Tuesday night.

But insead of facing a Barcelona side on a high and fighting for the title they will be facing a totally diminished version of the Spanish giants.

Ex-Liverpool midfielder Alonso who played his part in Madrid’s team that broke down their rivals Barcelona 2-1 in the Nou Camp on Saturday night.

And the Spainish ­playmaker said Barca’s defeat at Stamford Bridge on Wednesday, and defeat to their greatest rivals, showed they were ­vulnerable.

“The reason for that is not just tonight,” Alonso said, “but the other night as well. We saw that Chelsea beat them.

“We know that over the last few years, Barcelona have been so successful, that they have been playing great, wonderful football. But they are not unbeatable.”

Barcelona’s defeat ended a 54-game unbeaten run at home stretching back to September 2010.

And it gave Chelsea – who won the first leg with a goal from Didier Drogba – a glimmer of hope that they may be playing the European ­champions just when fatigue is catching up with them.

“Chelsea have the lead,” Alonso added. “They are ahead in the scoreline. To play here is difficult but we will have to see what happens.”

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