Agreement reached over Varas

Javi VarasJavi Varas will play at Celta next season after Sevilla and Vigo reached an agreement, although the olívica fans remain cautious about it. In the end, the Galician club will pay 70% of the tab goalkeeper Pino Montano.

Recently, coach Paco Herrera, had spoken with one’s Javi Varas to convey confidence to the player to decide that this is the best offer, although he had many teams interested in him.

However, in in the last few days he has been know that Varas has looked favorably upon the option of playing in Vigo. The goalkeeper was clear that after the signing of Diego Lopez’s and so I wanted to find a team that would give continuity to his good season like Sevilla last season.

Varas ison holiday, but he knows he will be wearing a Celta shirt next season. The contract has several edges and clauses in light of the objectives that are achieved. For example, if Celta stay up they will owe more money to Sevilla in the payment of the player.

What we are sure is that the transaction does not include a purchase option for the Galician club. Sevilla has indicated that Javi Varas will remain under coach Michel has asked the club to maintain its listing.

Varas became the first signing of Celta for the next season.


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